How do I set up my Saffire or Scarlett for Standalone Mode?

Many of our interfaces come with an added feature called Standalone Mode.  This enables the user to set these units up to work as an ADAT connected unit, similar to one of our Octopre MkIIs or any other ADAT connected set of Mic Pres.


The following units can be setup to send their Analog Inputs over their ADAT Outputs:

Liquid Saffire 56

Saffire Pro 40

Scarlett 18i20


The following units do not have ADAT Outputs, but can be set up to send their Analog Inputs to the their Analog Outputs (i.e. Direct Monitoring) or to send either two channels or a Mix of channels over a SPDIF Output (if the interface has SPDIF):

Saffire Pro 24 DSP

Saffire Pro 24

Saffire Pro 14

Scarlett 18i8

Scarlett 18i6

Scarlett 8i6

Scarlett 6i6


In the case of units with ADAT or SPDIF Inputs you can use these to return individual channels or a Mix of Channels to this interface for further D/A conversion for uses such as Monitoring or additional outputs to a Mixer.


To set up any A/D Conversion for Standalone Mode you will be using the Routing Section of Saffire or Scarlett MixControl to route the channels to the ADAT Outputs (or your choice.)


Here is an example of Pro 40 A/D Standalone Mode Routing:

Analog Input 1 > ADAT Output 1

Analog Input 2 > ADAT Output 2

Analog Input 3 > ADAT Output 3

Analog Input 4 > ADAT Output 4

Analog Input 5 > ADAT Output 5

Analog Input 6 > ADAT Output 6

Analog Input 7 > ADAT Output 7

Analog Input 8 > ADAT Output 8


To set up D/A Conversion for Standalone Mode you will use the Routing Section of Saffire or Scarlett MixControl to route individual channels to the Analog Outputs of the device.


Here is an example of Pro 40 D/A Standalone Mode Routing:

ADAT In 1 > Line Output 1

ADAT In 2 > Line Output 2

ADAT In 3 > Line Output 3

ADAT In 4 > Line Output 4

ADAT In 5 > Line Output 5

ADAT In 6 > Line Output 6

ADAT In 7 > Line Output 7

ADAT In 8 > Line Output 8


For D/A make sure you Shift Click the Monitor Enable Buttons so that your Line Outputs will send a full Line Level Signal.


Note:  On interfaces where the Monitor Knob is an analog pot rather than a digital encoder you will need to make sure the Monitor Knob is turned up all the way for a full Line Level Signal.  On interfaces where the Monitor Knob is a digital encoder (Pro 40, LS56) shift clicking the Monitor Enable buttons gray will disengage those Line Outputs from the Monitor Knob, sending full Line Level Signal regardless of the Monitor Knob setting.


After setting up your Routing make sure to check that you are using the intended Sample Rate of your Session and appropriate Sync Source!


Then click File > Save To Hardware to save these settings in the device's memory.


You can now turn off and disconnect the device and then turn it on without the Firewire or USB cable connected to enter Standalone Mode.


The screenshot below details a setup of a Saffire Pro 40 for A/D Conversion (8 Analog Inputs > ADAT Output) and D/A Conversion (ADAT Input to 8 Line Outputs.)


Also included below is the Snapshot of that Saffire Pro 40 Setup you can download.  Be sure to unzip it after downloading!