Junior QA Engineer

We're looking for a diligent and curious QA engineer to help us create robust, high quality products that are as easy to use as they are powerful.  You'll have a large degree of input right from the beginning of our product development process, and although you'll be supported by the senior QA team, you'll have your own significant areas of responsibility.  You will test hardware and software products by following test procedures, and you'll define your own tests too.  You'll also organise user experience testing and beta testing.

Service Administrator

Main purpose of job:
The service administrator will be responsible for the efficiency and execution of the administrative tasks within the service department. Ensuring that all worldwide distributor enquiries are dealt with to KPI’s, spare parts orders fulfilled and incoming / outgoing service units are fully tested.
a)      Responsible to:                Service and Support Manager
b)      Responsible for:              Incoming and Outgoing service units

Duncan Whitcombe

I recorded a demo for a band recently, 10 channels in live using 8 analogue inputs and two via S/PDIF digitally straight from the mixing desk. I would have used more but I didn't have an ADAT lightpipe feed for any extra channels...


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