Focusrite iTrack Solo Reviews: What the experts are saying

28 Feb 2013

iTrack Solo provides the best solution for recording your instruments and vocals using an iPad. Featuring a Focusrite microphone input - developed with over 25 years of professional audio experience - and an input to record directly from electric and bass guitars, iTrack Solo is the perfect companion for any singer-songwriter wanting to take their demos to the next level.


Review: iTrack Solo is a fun musical gadget, Jefferson Graham, USA Today (Dec 2012)

“…it's about as versatile as any home music-making device I've seen.”

The Week in iOS Accessories: Microscopes and cassettes? Joel Mathis, (Sep 2012)

“…There are plenty of accessories that let you record your voice or musical instrument onto your iPad, but not many that do both at the same time.”

Focusrite launches iTrack Solo: The Must Have Interface, TJ, (Oct 2012)

“It is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to take their demo to the next level. With Focusrite’s versatile no –compromise sound quality it can be used in the final mix.”

“The sound quality and ease of use is unparalleled, exactly what you expect from Focusrite. I was able to spend my time focusing on my creative process and not on adjusting, leveling and double checking everything is set up correctly.”

“The iTrack Solo is perfect for both beginners and seasoned music professionals.”

Sweetwater iOS Update - Vol. 13, DAW Remote App and Focusrite iTrack Solo, Mitch Gallagher, Editorial Director, Sweetwater (SweetNotes, Sep 2012)

“It’s an efficient, fast, great sounding little interface that works with the iPad.”

Focusrite iTrack Solo Brings Flexibility to Your iPad Studio, Chuck Lawton, Geekdad (Dec 2012)

“With the recently released iTrack Solo, Focusrite combines some powerful features and great sounding tech into an interface that any one who’s creative can use just about anywhere.”

“…legendary preamps.” “…everything sounded great and operation was so simple, it was easy to focus on the music and not the hardware or software.”

“The inputs sound clear and the hardware is simple and rewarding to operate.”

“…I never had as much fun working with Garageband on the iPad as I did here.”

Focusrite iTrack Solo, PCMag (Nov 2012)

“…The Focusrite iTrack Solo is a sophisticated audio interface for both the iPad and desktop PCs and Macs.”

“The Focusrite iTrack Solo brings the company's highly regarded microphone preamps and pristine audio interface quality to iPads as well as PCs and Macs—and at a reasonable, if not downright inexpensive, price point.”

“…a top choice if you need a basic but versatile audio accessory for your iDevices, for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, electric guitars, and anything else you fancy.”

“…the controls feel tight, precise, and satisfying to use…”

“The Focusrite mic preamp sounded clean, warm, and full…”

FOCUSRITE ITRACK SOLO, Curtis Moldrich, (Dec 2012)

“A gateway for your own audio creations…”

“Thanks to a high end  oundcard recording quality is superb…”

“…the iTrack is able to deliver stunningly clean signals.”

“A faultless link in your recording set up, the iTrack Solo is a great component for recording in the studio or casually in your bedroom…”

Hands On Review of the iTrack Solo from Focusrite, Steve Beck, (Oct 2012)

“…covers all of your basic I/O needs.”

“If you’re looking for a high-quality I/O for your iPad, look no further.”

Focusrite iTrack Solo Audio Interface for iPad/iPhone/iPod, Jon Chappell, (Oct 2012)

“The unit looks, feels, and operates professionally, and will stand up to the rough treatment sometimes subjected to mobile gear.”

“The sound, for pure quality, equaled any of the high-end interfaces in my studio.”

“…good engineering doesn’t stop just because the device is targeted for a mobile application.”

“The iTrack frees you from riding herd over levels by giving you a wide working range, which allows you to focus on the music.”

Focusrite iTrack Solo Review, Tony Stanhope, (Jan 2013)

“For a box not much larger than an index card, and weighing less than a pound, Focusrite has found a way to include every major feature needed in a recording interface and then some.”

“The quality of Focusrite converters are second to none in the pro-sumer audio market.”

“The iTrack Solo provides the cleanest sound for under $200 that you can utilize on your iOS device and home computer.”

“…sounds as good as it looks.”

“With plenty of features for the musician on the go, and software to give them a new way to work, this interface is worth every penny.”

Products Buzz: Pro Audio, Music & Sound Retailer (Nov 2012)

“Focusrite’s iTrack Solo is a dual-input audio interface designed for recording instruments and vocals, bringing versatility and sound quality to the world of iPad audio recording.”

Lust: New Gear, Electronic Musician (Jan 2013)

“…a no-compromise iOS interface that’s Mac/PC compatible.”

Reviews: Tech: Focusrite – iTrack Solo, Mark Strauss, (Dec 2012)

“The quality of the preamp lived up to its reputation, with a sense of clarity and depth that we were unaccustomed to coming from an iPad.”

“Monitoring using a set of professional headphones via the iTrack's dedicated headphone output made getting the sound we were looking for surprisingly easy.”

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