Audio connections on the Rednet 3

The Rednet 3 provides a maximum of 32 digital inputs and outputs using the following connections and protocols:

- 32 channels of ADAT optical inputs and outputs (16 I/O at 192kHz) via 16 Toslink connections (8 input ports, 8 output ports)

- 8 channels of switchable AES inputs and outputs via a 25 pin connection. When switched in, these 8 channels of AES replace 8 channels of ADAT

- 2 channels of switchable coaxial S/PDIF inputs and outputs via 2 RCA (phono) connections (1 input port, 1 output port). When switched in, these 2 channels of S/PDIF replace 2 channels of AES

Rednet 3 Rear Panel: