Changes to User Manual

In the manual, you will find the following feature:

Sample Rate Changing

Unlock – Allows any WDM or ASIO application to change the Sample Rate.

ASIO only – Allows only ASIO applications to change the Sample Rate.

Control panel only – Allows only the Saffire PRO 40 Control panel to change the Sample Rate.

This feature was removed before the release of the Saffire Pro 40, as the driver now detects by itself when it can allow audio streaming from other applications without disrupting any other processes.

The following changes to the features were made in v1.5 of the Saffire Mix Control:

• A 'Clear all settings' feature has been added to the File menu. This replaces 'Restore Factory Default' which now loads an 'out-of-the-box' startup snapshot.

• 'Line in' labels under input selections have been changed to 'Anlg In' to make the inputs clearer to the user.

Under the settings menu:

• 'Device Mode' has been renamed to 'Firewire Driver Latency' with 'Normal', 'Safe Mode 1', 'Safe Mode 2' and 'Safe Mode 3' being replaced by 'Short', 'Medium', 'Long' and 'Very Long' respectively. (Both Windows and Mac)

• 'Disable WDM Audio' option has been removed as this is accessible from the sound options in windows. (Windows only)

• 'ASIO Buffer Size' goes down to 64 samples (Please note this will decrease latency but will increase CPU usage and may cause performance and connectivity issues). (Windows only)

• Increasing 'Firewire Driver Latency' to 'Medium', 'Long' or 'Very Long' changes the minimum 'ASIO Buffer Size' to 224 samples. (Windows Only)