Why is the iTrack Solo device cable so short?

*This article applies to the iTrack Solo with the 30-pin Device Link Cable. Users with the Lightning Device Link cable version of the iTrack Solo will already have received the extended cable in the packaging with their iTrack Solo.

The cable supplied in the box with the iTrack Solo has been designed to ensure that iTrack Solo meets Apple's 'Made for iPad' standards for noise interference resilience when data is sent or received on a 2G network.

Regardless, we of course want customers to have the best possible experience with iTrack Solo. Should a customer wish to use an extension cable in order to obtain more reach or flexibility for the positioning of their iPad, we have tested and recommend a number of affordable extension cables.

UK - We recommend this cable.

US - Register your product to receive information via email on how to receive a longer cable. Please note that registrations are processed once a week so you can expect to receive the email within a week.

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If you do not wish to use one of our recommended cables, then please follow these tips on choosing an appropriate 30 pin extension cable:

* Look for extension cables equal to, or less than 3ft / 1m long as this will limit any potential interference
* Look at the reviews; if a cable generally has a good customer response, it is more likely to provide a good quality connection
* Look for extension cables which state that they transfer "Data", "Audio" or "Video"

We have seen issues with cables made by Gator, Blue Cell, NexPlug QVS and Ziotek.

We will continue to test and approve more 30pin to 30pin extension cables in the future.