To claim your free Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite, just follow these simple instructions.

1 - Click here to register product (opens in new tab)

2 - Select Computer Music Promotion from the Product drop down list. This is listed under 'Promotions'.

3 - Enter your email address.

4 - Click 'Get My Stuff'.

5 - If you already have an account with Focusrite or Novation then please enter your password. Please click the 'Forgotten your password?' link if you cannot remember your password.

6 - If you do not already have an account with Focusrite Novation then please enter the details requested.

7 - Enter the code found on page 53 of your copy of Computer Music 236 into the Bundle Code box.

8 - Click Submit.

9 - Your Computer Music Promotion product will now appear in your account page.

10 - Click on the Downloads & Activation Codes tab to see your activation code for Red Plugin Suite.

Install the plug-in, open it in your DAW and enter this code to complete activation.

To learn more about the Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite click here