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Mac: Focusrite Control 2.1.7
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This installer contains the Focusrite Control software for the Clarett and Red Ranges, as well as the necessary driver for the interface.

Focusrite Control changes since last release:

  • Change to improve device discovery by Focusrite Control.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Focusrite Control iOS to crash when adding/removing channels to/from a custom mix with this version of Focusrite Control.

Clarett Range notes:

- Installs driver r236

Red Range notes:

- Updates firmware to r791

- Installs driver r236

- Adds input routing functionality

- Output routing now applies in Pro Tools HD mode as well as Thunderbolt mode

Known issues:

- IMPORTANT: Clarett/Red customers with 5k Retina iMacs - please see this article

Windows: Focusrite Control 2.1.4 (beta)
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Introduces support for the Clarett range on Windows 

For installation and getting started information, please see this article. For compatibility information, please see our OS Checker.

Please Note: Although this software has been tested internally, beta software may still contain some defects. Please only install this software if you are interested in testing the new features introduced in this update, and if you are willing to report the results (and any defects) back to us. We typically advise against installing any beta updates if you're looking for mature versions of our software, or if you're using your Focusrite product on a time-critical project. If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support.

This version gives the option to install both the Clarett Thunderbolt driver (version and the Scarlett USB driver (version

Known issues:

- Glitchy audio/enumeration issues when using Thunderbolt 3 connections via an adapter. Please note that Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is NOT yet supported.

- Cubase 8.5 crashes after the save when closing down a project with MIDI tracks.

- Driver installer optimisations

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