Free Exponential Audio plug-in

06 Apr 2017

Exponential Audio plug-ins have been hard at work in music, TV and movies for several years now. This month's Plug-in Collective offer is the Exponential Audio R2 stereo reverb plug-in. Worth $239, R2 is free for Focusrite hardware customers (iLok 2 or iLok 3 required).

R2 is one of the first and most popular Exponential Audio plug-ins. It's been an essential part of countless music mixes as well as films and broadcasts. The plug-in is known as a character reverb that adds a tasty finish to any source material, and is capable of adding warmth and fatness to mixes that might otherwise be sterile. For soloists, it has a savoury and deep tail that adds a high-production gloss to anything.

Exponential Audio R2 makes a real difference, showing just how far the art of reverb has advanced, but Focusrite hardware customers can take that even further. When you redeem your Exponential Audio R2 license, you'll become eligible for 40% off Exponential Audio R2 Surround and 50% off Exponential Audio R4. Exponential Audio R2 Surround is an expanded version of Exponential Audio R2, featuring additional control over early reflections and a native channel count of up to 7.1. R4 is the newest Exponential Audio reverb, and combines the classic sound of hardware reverberation with an all-modern approach.

Exponential Audio plug-ins are used on Grammy-winning albums and top movies that take you to galaxies far, far away or deep into Middle-earth.

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