Forte User Stories

15 Nov 2013

We work hard to make the best products we can for our customers, regularly reaching out to registered product owners to make sure they're getting the best experience and service. Recently, we approached users of Forte: our flagship portable interface.

Focusrite Forte

Aside from exceptional reviews from our Forte customers, we noticed a truly diverse range of users. From home-studio singer/songwriters to pro-studio producers - and everything in between - each has a reason for choosing Forte. Singer/songwriters enjoy how Forte's compact and easy to use layout allows their ideas to flow onto record without pause to set up or adjust, DJs love Forte for the clear digital to analogue conversion, stunning sound quality and separate bus output... the list goes on.

This information was so invaluable to us we asked a mixed group of Forte users to tell us a little more about exactly why they chose Forte, how they use it, and why it's the right interface for them - so we could publish their stories for you to read too.

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The process doesn't end there. If your music is Forte powered, we want to hear from you. Submit a brief Forte Story of your own, and you could get your own story published on the Forte site

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