Gear Giveaway: Win Focusrite's Complete Guitar Recording Kit

23 Feb 2016

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So you want to record your guitar but you don't have the gear.

Maybe your studio's just in need of a serious overhaul.

This is your chance.

Electric, acoustic, hollow, semi-hollow, electro-acoustic, bass - record what you want how you want with Focusrite's Complete Guitar Recording Kit, in partnership with Positive Grid.

Just give us your name and email address and you could win a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB audio interface with Ableton Live Lite and a range of Focusrite and Softube plug-ins, two KRK Rokit 5 active monitors, a Shure SM57 dynamic mic, an sE 4400 condenser mic, an sE guitaRF reflection filter, and a full suite of Positive Grid amp modelling and mastering software - for computer and iOS.

We're even giving away all the cables you need to hook it up.

Find out more about Scarlett 6i6

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Here's what to do with it all.

Plug Straight In. Grab your jack lead, plug anything with a pickup straight into the Scarlett 6i6 and switch your input to 'instrument' mode. Now you can just hit 'record', but if you're recording your electric guitar or bass you might want to beef the sound up a touch. With Positive Grid's BIAS Desktop, you can recall and customise some classic guitar amp and effects pedal sounds, from classic American cleans to searing British high-gain sounds - and everything in between.

Best thing about this setup; if you're in desperate need of some late night practice in your bedroom, you can just open BIAS on its own and jam through some KRK Rokit 5's or your own headphones.

Mic Up Your Amp. If you have an amp that's too good not to record - or you don't like your neighbours - we're giving you two mics, a dynamic and condenser, to capture it in its full glory. Press the dynamic mic up near the centre of the speaker cone and leave the condenser mic a little further back, switch on phantom power for the condenser and mix to taste. This is how it's done in pro studios around the world and has been for decades.

Mic Up Your Acoustic. No pickup in your acoustic? Bad pickup in your acoustic? Place the condenser mic in front of you as you play and capture rich, detailed recordings. Experiment with mic placements; closer and further from the body and up and down the neck for different tones. Don't forget to switch phantom power on though!

Even on iOS. If you have a camera connection kit, you can plug your Scarlett 6i6 into iPhone or iPad and enjoy PositiveGrid's BIAS for iOS, or record using GarageBand, Cubasis or whatever you like.

I use a preamp or digital modeller, do I need an interface? If you're running an analogue preamp with a line out, plugging into the Scarlett 6i6 will give you inputs with plenty of headroom to handle the levels coming from your preamp. An audio interface can also communicate with your computer's processors much more easily than your built in mic and headphone jacks, so you'll find it much easier to record without latency and lag.

With a digital modeller, you get the exact same benefit, plus, if your modeller has a built in interface it'll usually be locked at a certain 'sample rate'. The sample rate is an important variable in recording, affects what you can do with the finished product, and can't (easily) be changed once recording is finished. An audio interface gives you the flexibility to record at more common frequencies, such as the commonly-used 44.1 kHz. Plus the added benefit of not having to unplug everything from your computer every time your modeller goes with you to a gig or rehearsal.