Lapalux discusses the role of Focusrite in his set-up

03 Oct 2012

lapalux focusriteLapalux is an exciting new electronic producer, with early EP releases under his belt with the burgeoning Pictures Music and Flying Lotus' Ninja Tune imprint, Brainfeeder. He took a few moments to tell us about what part our gear plays in his production set-up:

"I own a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 which I use every day without fail. I use it as a main i/o for recording and playback. I also use it alongside Ableton's "external effects" rack because the Saffire interface allows me to route a number of external hardware effects like my Kaosspad 3 in a chain. This allows me to process signals from Ableton to my outboard gear and then back into Ableton without nasty feedback loops.

I use a Novation Launchpad in the studio as an effects controller and clip launcher. I also use it for controlling instruments like the 'Sampler' and 'Drum Racks' in Ableton. Its great for synths too because you can use it as a sort of harmonic table.


The last bit of Focusrite gear I own is the VRM Box. I do a lot of my work on headphones late at night so its hard to know how the mix translates in a room, through speakers sometimes. This little box allows me to hear the mix as it would sound through certain speakers in a studio, room etc. I use it when i think I've got a final mix of a track that I'm working on then I play it through the box to see what it sounds like on all the speaker sets in the different rooms. I then go back into the mix and tweak it till I've got it sounding just right."

His most recent EP, When You're Gone, is available now on Brainfeeder.

Press Shots by Shaun Bloodworth