"My Control 2802 is the heart of my setup"

26 Sep 2012

Jason JG Gilbert control 2802If you haven’t heard of Jason ‘JG’ Gilbert, you will soon. He is a songwriter, producer, and engineer with 16 years of experience and has worked with reputable artists such as Akon, Taio Cruz, John Legend, and Eminem, helping him win a GRAMMY for Best Rap Album in 2011. Originally from Cayman Islands, JG thought he’d be expanding his music career and settling down in Miami when he got the call to come out to Los Angeles. With his schedule filling up rapidly, it’s likely he’ll be sticking around a while longer, using the Focusrite Control 2802 as the heart of his setup.

“I first encountered Focusrite as an assistant engineer at Hopscotch Recording Studio in Cayman Islands. When I first used the Red 1, I immediately fell in love with the sound and quality of Focusrite products. I received my Control 2802 and never went back!

“I recently moved my Control 2802 to Los Angeles from Miami to work on a number of artist development projects for major labels. I have produced records from start to finish (from track creation to recording final vocals) using the Control 2802. As a travelling producer, I needed to design a rig that was portable but did not compromise on quality and functionality. With the Control 2802, I have everything I need to produce industry standard results in a portable package!

“My Control 2802 is the heart of my setup. I take full advantage of the summing features by routing the outputs of my converter to the console. I was amazed with the difference. I use the monitor section of the console and the bus compressor is a nice plus also. My analog faders are usually at unity as I prefer to do my automation in the box in which the DAW surface is very useful and efficient. 

“Since adding the Control 2802 to my rig, my sound has drastically improved. My productions sound warmer and more open with wider stereo imaging. I now have eight extra high quality mic pres, which give the ability to record live drum kits when I am on the road. The Control 2802 mic pres also give me cleaner recordings for applications where I need an uncolored sound.

“The Control 2802 has been a reliable workhorse that has yet to fall short in delivering high quality results. It has been a major contributor to the development of my sound and career. Most importantly it has offered me flexibility. Everyone has been extremely impressed that I have been able to produce such high quality with such a compact setup. Focusrite packs a high quality large format-recording console into small, cost-effective package. My favorite thing about the Control 2802 is the convenience I now have of traveling with my sound. I've nicknamed my Control 2802 ‘BabyMonster!’”