Nigel R Glasgow and the Versatility of his Scarlett 18i20

28 May 2013

nigel r glasgow focusrite scarlett 18i20

Nigel R Glasgow is a highly accomplished audio all-rounder. He's engineered for Jessie Ware, Tony Allen and JLS; he's tour managed Toddla T Sound, Marques Toliver, Kwes and Benga; he's done live sound for Ben Westbeech, Ronnie Wood, Micachu & The Shapes and he's produced for Drop The Lime, Ghostpoet and Red Bull.

He took some time out of his busy schedule to tells us about what he does and his experience so far with the Scarlett 18i20.

"I run a company called B Flat Productions Ltd which I started about 8 years ago. It has grown organically into a multifaceted touring and engineering company and provides support for touring artists. I go on the road as a tour manager and sound engineer with a number of the acts. As a tour manager, I deliver a detailed itinerary for the crew to follow and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It sounds fairly straightforward but is much more involved as a lot of people and diplomatic skills are necessary.

I had started to travel with my own front-of-house effects units, but with the amount of flying that I started to do it was becoming expensive to travel with them. I heard from a colleague about some guys who used laptop effects and so I started out trying this with the Saffire Pro 40 and now with the Scarlett 18i20. I have also used it to record a few small live shows and some demo vocal takes at home. I am a massive geek and number one Apple fan so build quality and design are just as important to me as usability. The 18i20 feels robust and I know when I open my rack it will be powered up and ready to use. The versatility of the unit is also great. I work live and in the studio, and this is at home in both environments. Also the routing options available via the Scarlett MixControl have made my life much easier on a number of occasions.

For me, the important things to consider with multichannel interfaces are: sound quality, flexibility and scalability. You obviously need your signal path to sound as true as possible unless you are using something for the sound. I always want something that I can use in a number of situations easily and also something I can potentially daisy chain and get more inputs. I now also look for something that is truly mobile and the 18i20 has offered me all of this."