Saffire PRO 40 rock solid on The Dream Tour

18 Jun 2012

Steve Octave using Saffire PRO 40"The Saffire PRO 40 has to be the most solid audio interface I've ever used," comments Steve Octave, Musical Director for The Dream and many other solo artists touring the US. We're backstage after a successful soundcheck with The Dream, and Steve is relaxed: everything's working perfectly.
From his base in New York, he forms the bands who hit the road with artists around the United States and also puts together the playout rig for each artist. This setup normally consists of a laptop system running Ableton Live coupled to a multi-channel audio interface. The system streams the click track to the drummer and also plays additional instrumentation such as backing vocals and strings. For obvious reasons, the interface needs to be rock-solid: any instability is literally a show-stopper.

"Apart from the stability, it sounds so good — it has great converters — and it has 10 quarter-inch outputs, which is also great."

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