See the power of VRM in our new video

07 Feb 2012

We’ve all burned CDs of our mixes so that we can listen to our latest creation on as many different systems as we can: the living room HiFi, the television, our friends’ studio monitors and so on. Then the process of improving the mix based on what we’ve heard begins. We might burn another CD to check the updated mix on the same systems in the hope that it sounds better second time around. We may not realise it but we are now ‘reference mixing’. This is why most studios have multiple pairs of speakers; so the engineer can reference the mix on more than one monitor. For most of us this is tough, due to space or budget constraints. That is until now.

Check out a visual representation of the power of VRM in our new product video. Just don't get carried away!

Click here for more info on the VRM box.

Hear VRM in action using the VRM sampler here