Tool Up With The Plugin Collective

13 Dec 2016

Make the most of free plugins from iZotope, Eventide, Sound Radix & Positive Grid.

If you haven’t heard about our Plugin Collective yet, here’s the pitch: if you own a registered Focusrite interface, you can get free software from a new plugin partner every month. It’s pretty simple, really. For December’s Plugin Collective, we’re revisiting the past four months’ deals to bring you an ‘in-case-you-missed-it’ offer that lets you download free plugins from iZotope, Eventide, Sound Radix and Positive Grid.

In addition to giving away plugins, we’ve been releasing monthly tips and tricks articles that introduce creative ways to use them, penned by seasoned reviewer/writer Mike Senior (Sound On Sound Magazine). We invite you to sign up, download the plugins, and check out Mike’s articles. Here are some excerpts, plus links to the full pieces.

Wrecked Drum Effects
iZotope’s DDLY was the star of our August Plugin Collective. It’s a dynamic delay processor that “delays the signal differently depending on the character of the sound, without turning your track to aural mud,” and can be used to create some amazingly trashy sounds. Used in the right context, these can help to lift your mix to the next level, as Mike Senior explains:

Invisible Reverb
Eventide’s 2016 Stereo Room plugin was designed with emphasis on the ‘room’, and as such provides controls to accurately emulate all kinds of room types. Mike Senior uses this to his advantage when overdubbing vocals on to a live ensemble recording, with a process he calls ‘invisible reverb’:

Big Bass On Every Note
Sound Radix’s Surfer EQ technology is super smart. Instead of boosting a particular frequency, as in a conventional EQ processor, Sound Radix’s software ‘surfs’ the fundamental frequency and harmonics of the bass notes, and applies gain appropriately, to ensure your bass sounds big on each note. Check out the tips and tricks here:

Get Creative with Bias FX
November’s Plugin Partner was Positive Grid, whose BIAS FX LE package gives you a suite of audio processors aimed at guitarists. But the plugins can be put to effective use elsewhere, from beefing up processed drums to making your vocals growl:

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