DigiLink I/O License

18 Jan 2017

We've simplified Red and Pro Tools | HD combinations.

We believe in making music easy to make, so together with Avid, we've created a simpler way to combine Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre interfaces with Pro Tools | HD 12.6 and up. If you buy and register a Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre interface after 18 January 2017, a Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License can be placed on your iLok.

Downloading the license is simple:
1. Register your Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre interface
2. Follow the link to the Avid website
3. Sign in to your Avid Master Account or create an account
4. Select your iLok account or create an account
5. Sign in to your ilok.com account
6. Deposit your Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License

Please note that once you register a Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre interface, you have four weeks to access your Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License.

This offer follows the availability of Red 8Pre, one of the most compatible audio interfaces of all time. The Red 8Pre includes two front-panel high-headroom instrument inputs, dual Thunderbolt 2, dual Pro Tools | HD DigiLink and Dante network audio connectivity.

In addition, 64 inputs and 64 outputs (including a total of 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs) and eight of Focusrite’s specially developed, digitally controlled mic preamps answer the need for more microphone inputs and a higher I/O count.

The latest feature to be added to Focusrite Control for Red 8Pre, coming soon for Red 4Pre, is the Input Routing tab. This allows for the default channel routing table to be rearranged so that all hardware input signals required can be accessed and sent to a DAW in a user-defined order.

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