RedNet Ethernet Cable Requirements

A RedNet network requires a Gigabit network infrastructure. The following cable types are permitted:

• Cat 5e
• Cat 6

Both shielded and unshielded cables are suitable.

As dictated by the ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for network cabling, the maximum combined cable length between devices is 100m. This allows an installed cable to be up to 90m long, leaving a length of 5m of shorter cable to connect to the devices at each end.

Typically, this connection would be between one RedNet unit and a switch, or one switch and another switch.

Please note that Wireless Networking is not supported with RedNet.


Fibre Optic Networks

Using a fibre network can greatly increase the distance across which your audio can be transmitted and received. RedNet devices cannot themselves connect directly to an optical network, however many gigabit Ethernet switches provide the provision for optical modules, allowing you to have a fibre optic infrastructure with the nodes (in this case RedNet devices) connected to the network with Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable to a local switch.

For details on how to set up a fibre optic network please refer to the documentation supplied with your gigabit Ethernet switch.